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You Are Boring

It is common for people to avoid direct confrontation. But there are people who are more frank in expressing what is on their mind…


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A1: Wǒmen hěn cháng shíjiān méiyǒu shuōhuà. Nǐ shénme shì?     [We  _ long time _ not speak (in past). You _ what _ matter?]

B1: Wǒ zuìjìn tài máng le,érqiě wǒ bù tài xiǎng gēn nǐ shuōhuà.     [I _ recently _ too _ (to be) busy _ moreover _ I _ not _ too _ want _ with _ you _ speak.]

A2: Wèishénme?     [For _ what?]

B2: Nǐ shuō de dōngxi méiyìsi.     [You _ say _ attribute particle de_ things _ don´t have _ meaning.]

A3: Nǐ shì shénme yìsi?     [You _ to be _ what _ meaning?]

B3: Wǒ de yìsi shì nǐ hěn wúliáo.     [My _ meaning _ is _ you _ (to be) boring.]


A1: 我们很长时间没有说话。你什么事?

B1: 我最近太忙了,而且我不太想跟你说话。

A2: 为什么?

B2: 你说的东西没意思

A3: 你是什么意思

B3: 我的意思是你很无聊。


A1: We haven´t spoken for a long time. What happened?

B1: I have been very busy recently, moreover I don´t really want to speak with you.

A2: Why?

B2: The things that you say are senseless.

A3: What do you mean?

B3: I mean that you are boring.