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Bargaining is an essential skill in Chinese reality. You need to have an idea about the actual value of a certain thing and then be assertive to get to it. This dialogue might help you with that:)


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A: Zhège duōshao qián?   [This _ how much _ money?]

B: 120 kuài.   [120 _ pieces (of money).]

A: Tài guì le, wǒ bùyào le.   [Too _ expensive _ le. I _ don´t want _ change of events le.]

B: Gěi nǐ piányi. 100 kuài zěnmeyàng?   [Give _ you_ cheaper. 100 _pieces of money_how about that?]

A:  Hái bùxíng. Zhèyang ba:wǒ mǎi liǎngge,gěi  nǐ 90 kuài. Nǐ shuō ne?   [Still_ not possible. This_ way: I_buy_two, give_you_90pieces. You_say_ne?]

B: Nǐ zhēn hǎowán!90 kuài zhēn bùxíng.   [You_ really_(to be) entertaining. 90 pieces_really_not be possible.]

A: Nà wǒ zhēnde bùyào le. Zàijiàn!   [ Then_I_really don´t want_change of events le. Bye!]

B: Děng yīděng, bié zǒu le, 95 kuài ba!   [Hang on. Don´t_leave_ change of events le. 95pieces_incentive ba.]

A: Nà hǎo.   [ Well_allright.]

B: Nǐ zhēn huì jiǎngjià!   [You_really_can_bargain (talk about price)!]


A: 这个多少钱?

B: 120 块。

A: 太贵了,我不要了。

B: 给你便宜。100块怎么样?

A: 还不行。这样吧:我买两个,给你90块。你说呢?

B: 你真好玩!90块真不行。

A: 那我真的不要了。再见!

B: 等一等,别走了,95块吧!

A: 那好。

B: 你真会讲价!