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Chinese can be pretty funny. The translation of the word “hacker” is based on phonetics, but it chooses characters in the way that final meaning is “black guest”. 

This dialogue comes from the first half of 2012, when controversional agreement ACTA was shaking society all across the Western world.


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A: Zhège T-xù hěn hǎokàn!     [This_t-shirt_(to be) good to look at.]

B: Nǐ yào shìyīshì ma?     [You_want (and future)_have a try (doubled verb=quick, time-limited action)_ma?]

A: Yǒu méiyǒu biéde yánsè?     [Have_not have_another_color?]

B: Yǒu hóngsè, báisè hé lánsè.     [Have_red, white_and_blue.]

A: Hēisè méiyǒu ma?     [Black_don´t have_ma?]

B: Bù hǎoyìsi, hēisè méiyǒu le.     [Not_good_sense (SORRY), black_don´t have_change of events le.]

A: Hěn kěxí. Wǒmen hēikè bǐjiào xǐhuan hēisè.      [To be_pity. We_hackers (black guests:)_quite_like_black.]


A: 这个T恤很好看!

B: 你要试一试吗?

A: 有没有别的颜色?

B: 有!红色,白色和蓝色。

A: 黑色没有吗?

B: 不好意思,黑色没有了。



A: This T-shirt is very nice.

B: Do you wanna try it out?

A: Do you have another colors?

B: I do! Red, white and blue.

A: You don´t happen to have black?

B: Sorry, we don´t have black anymore.

A:It´s a shame. We – hackers – quite fancy black.