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The simplest form of the name attribute are possessive pronouns:  /wǒde/ MINE,  /nǐde/ YOUR, /tāde/ HIS 





This is my business card.
这 是 我的 名片。
Zhè shì wǒ de míngpiàn.
How does your luggage look?
你 的 行李 是 什么 样子?
Nǐ de xíngli shì shénme yàngzi?
My computer ran out of battery.
我的 电脑 没有 电。
Wǒ de diànnǎo méiyǒu diàn.


NAME ATTRIBUTES are also things like a BLACK horse, a BEAUTIFUL town, an EXPENSIVE car

Name attribute comes in front of the word that it describes and ends with  /de/: 很 贵 茶 /hěn guì de chá/ AN EXPENSIVE TEA

Obvious and natural connections such as 中国茶 /Zhōngguó chá/ CHINESE TEA are connected without  /de/




Shanghai has an extra big airport.
上海 有 非常 大 的 机场。
Shànghǎi yǒu fēicháng dà de jīchǎng.
I wanna tell you an interesting story.
我 想 给 你 讲 一个 很 有意思 的 故事。
Wǒ xiǎng gěi nǐ jiǎng yīge hěn yǒuyìsi de gùshì.
I wanna show you one interesting thing.
我 想 给 你 看 一个 很 有意思 的 东西。
Wǒ xiǎng gěi nǐ kàn yīge hěn yǒuyìsi de dōngxi.
China is a big country.
中国 是 很 大 的 国家。
<Zhōngguó shì hěn dà de guójiā.>


See the animation below. Even long attributes such as “people, WHO WANT TO GO TO CHINA” are in front of a described word and are connected with  /de/

First sentence is 他想去中国 /Tā xiǎng qù Zhōngguó/ HE WANTS TO GO TO CHINA. 

Second sentence is 想 去 中国 人 很多 /Xiǎng qù Zhōngguó de rén hěnduō/ PEOPLE, WHO WANT TO GO TO CHINA, ARE MANY = THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE WHO WANT TO GO TO CHINA.


I am just reading a book on Chinese history.
我 在 看 一 本 讲 中国 历史 的 书。
Wǒ zài kàn yī běn jiǎng Zhōngguó lìshǐ de shū.
What is the name of the restaurant that you go to?
你 去 的 饭店 叫 什么 名字?
<Nǐ qù de fàndiàn jiào shénme míngzì?>
The book that I bought yesterday is good but expensive.
我 昨天 买 的 书 很 好 可是 很 贵。
Wǒ zuótiān mǎi de shū hěn hǎo kěshì hěn guì.
It is too crowded here, we better go to a slightly calmer place.
这里 太 热闹,我们 还是 去 安静 一点 的 地方 吧!
Zhèli tài rènào, wǒmen háishì qù ānjìng yīdiǎn dì dìfāng ba!

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