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Sometimes we need to place the object in front of the verb – even though the standard position of the object is behind the verb.


We need to do that in case that the verb is modified.


We also usually do that when we talk about moving the objects, placing them somewhere etc. 

The function of 把 /bǎ/ is that it informs the listener that the object is in front of a verb where (s)he doesn’t expect it at normal circumstances.


They turned the server off.
他们 把 服务器 关掉 了。
Tāmen bǎ fúwùqì guāndiào le.
We can't return home before sorting this problem out.
我们 把 问题 解决 好 了,才 可以 回家。
Wǒmen bǎ wèntí jiějué hǎole, cái kěyǐ huí jiā.
I still haven’t finished reading this book.
我 还 没 把 这 本 书 看完。
Wǒ hái méi bǎ zhè běn shū kàn wán.
I want to exchange 500 dollars to rmb.
我 想 把 五百 美元 换成 RMB。
Wǒ xiǎng bǎ wǔbǎi měiyuán huàn chéng RMB.
We need to make this problem clear.
我们 必须 把 这个 问题 弄 清楚。
Wǒmen bìxū bǎ zhège wèntí nòng qīngchu.
Turn the computer off.
把 电脑 关掉。
Bǎ diànnǎo guāndiào.


Can we leave the luggages here?
我们 可 不 可以 把 行李 留 在 这里?
Wǒmen kě bù kěyǐ bǎ xínglǐ liú zài zhèli?
Take the garbage out.
把 垃圾 拿走。
Bǎ lājī názǒu.
I can’t give you money before next year.
我 明天 才 可以 把 钱 还 给 你。
Wǒ míngtiān cái kěyǐ bǎ qián huán gěi nǐ.
Please take my luggage up.
请 ,把 我的 行李 拿上去。
Qǐng, bǎ wǒde xínglí náshangqu.
Put dirty clothes to the washing machine.
把 脏 衣服 放 到 洗衣机 里。
Bǎ zāng yīfu fàng dào xǐyījī li.
Bring the luggage down.
把 行李 拿 下 来。
Bǎ xíngli náxialai.
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