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CIRCUMSTANCES of the event


When we want to bring up the information that something happened or has happened, we use the “past tences” with   /le/ or /guo/


I have been to China.
我 去 过 中国。
<Wǒ qù guo Zhōngguó.>
I have bought a book.
我 买 了 一本 书。
<Wǒ mǎi le yī běn shū.>
Yesterday I bought a book in a bookstore.
我 昨天 在 书店 买 了 一本 书。
<Wǒ zuótiān zài shūdiàn mǎi le yī běn shū.>


When we already know that something happened or has happened, and we want to ask for more informations or add more informations, we use this special construction  

The construction is 。。。 /shì…de/

The construction is the same for questions



In which year did you go there?
你 是 哪一年 去 的?
<Nǐ shì nǎ yī nián qù de?>
At which date did you go there?
你们 是 几 号 去 的?
<Nǐmen shì jǐ hào qù de?>
I went there in the year 2012.
我 是 2012 年 去 的。
Wǒ shì 2012 nián qù de.
We got to know each other in Beijing.
我们 是 在 北京 认识 的。
<Wǒmen shì zài Běijīng rènshi de.>
Did you buy it? (was it bought by you?)
是 你 买 的 吗?
Shì nǐ mǎi de ma?
Where did you get to know each other?
你们 是 在 哪里 认识 的?
<Nǐmen shì zài nǎli rènshi de?>
It was bought in a bookstore.
是 在 商店 买 的。
<Shì zài shāngdiàn mǎi de.>
Where was it bought?
这 是 在 哪里 买 的?
<Zhè shì zài nǎli mǎi de?>