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When you are saying that someone speaks Mandarin WELL, that someone drives FAST etc., you are using a verb complement

In Mandarin we put the complement behind the verb and connect it with 得 /de/

See the phrase: 你 说 很 对 /Nǐ shuō de hěn duì/ YOU ARE SAYING IT CORRECTLY – YOU ARE RIGHT


She works slowly.
她 工作 得 很 慢。
<Tā gōngzuò de hěn màn.>
Time runs fast.
时间 跑 得 很 快。
Shíjiān pǎo de hěn kuài.
Please say it in a slightly simpler way.
请 说 得 简单 一点。
Qǐng shuō de jiǎndān yīdiǎn.
I like to eat simply.
我 喜欢 吃 得 很 简单。
Wǒ xǐhuan chī de hěn jiǎndān.
My mother got seriously ill, I have to take care of her.
我 妈妈 病 得 很 重,我 必须 照顾 她。
Wǒ māma bìng dé hěn zhòng, wǒ bìxū zhàogù tā.
She works fast.
她 工作 得 很 快。
<Tā gōngzuò de hěn kuài.>

When there is an OBJECT (like the word CHINESE in the sentence YOU SPEAK CHINESE WELL) the construction goes like this: SUBJECT – (VERB) – OBJECT – VERB –  得 – COMPLEMENT

First verb can be omitted

See the phrase: 中文 很好 /Nǐ shuō Zhōngwén shuō de hěn hǎo/ YOU SPEAK CHINESE WELL


How did you spend your birthday?
你 生日 过 得 怎么样?
<Nǐ shēngrì guò de zěnme yàng?>
Plane is flying low.
飞机 飞 得 很 低。
Fēijī fēi dé hěn dī.
“He has grown very slim.”
他 长 得 很 瘦。
Tā zhǎng de hěn shòu.
He speaks Chinese well.
他 说 汉语 说 得 很 好。
<Tā shuō hànyǔ shuō de hěn hǎo.>
He rides fast.
他 开车 开 得 很 快。
<Tā kāi chē kāi de hěn kuài.>
He speaks Chinese fast.
他 说 汉语 说 得 很 快。
<Tā shuō hànyǔ shuō de hěn kuài.>
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