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 过 /guò/ TO PASS

 过 /guo/ particle for experience in the past




You know that when we want to emphasize that some action is finished, we use  /le/ – like in the sentence: I BOUGHT A NEW CAR, COME AND HAVE A LOOK!

However sometimes we need to say that we know what it’s like to buy a car, because we have the experience – we went through the process

To express our experience, we put  /guo/ right behind the verb


I (have) bought a car. (the action is finished.)
我 买 了 汽车。
<Wǒ mǎi le qìchē.>
I have bought a car. (I have the experience of buying a car.)
我 买 过 汽车。
<Wǒ mǎi guo qìchē.>
He went to China.
他 去 了 中国。
<Tā qù le Zhōngguó.>
He has been to China.
他 去 过 中国。
<Tā qù guo Zhōngguó.>



I have been here a good few times.
我 来 过 这里 好 几 次。
<Wǒ lái guo zhèli hǎo jǐ cì.>
I have been here many times.
我 来 过 这里 很 多 次。
<Wǒ lái guo zhèli hěnduō cì.>
I have been to China.
我 去 过 中国。
<Wǒ qù guo Zhōngguó.>
Have you been here before?
你 来 过 这里 吗?
Nǐ lái guo zhèli ma?
Last year I went to China, next year I will maybe go to America.
我 去年 去 过 中国,明年 可能 要 去 美国。
Wǒ qùnián qùguo Zhōngguó, míngnián kěnéng yào qù Měiguó.
I haven’t been to China yet, but I want to go there a lot.
我 还 没 去 过 中国, 可是 我 很 想 去。
Wǒ hái méi qù guo Zhōngguó, kěshì wǒ hěn xiǎng qù.



To say that we haven’t been through something, we use 没 (有) /méi (yǒu)/ 

过 /guo/ remains in the negative form



I haven't been to China.
我 没 去 过 中国。
<Wǒ méi qù guo Zhōngguó.>
I haven't been to China yet.
我 还 没 去 过 中国。
<Wǒ hái méi qù guo Zhōngguó.>
I have (never) bought a car.
我 没 买 过 汽车。
<Wǒ méi mǎi guo qìchē.>
I haven’t been to Taiwan.
我 没 去 过 台湾。
Wǒ méi qù guo Táiwān.



Mostly we ask question using the module 没有 /yǒu-meiyou/ 

过 /guo/ remains in the question

We can create questions using 吗 /ma/ as well



Has he told you this story?
他 有 没有 给 你 讲 过 这个 故事?
<Tā yǒu-meiyou gěi nǐ jiǎng guo zhège gùshì?>
Have you seen this film?
你 有 没有 看 过 这部 电影?
<Nǐ yǒu-meiyou kàn guo zhè bù diànyǐng?>


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