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就 / Essence of Mandarin



Condition (or action) A is fulfilled, action B follows

In the first part of a sentence we say what was, is or needs to be fulfilled, so that action B in the second part of a sentence can take place.

In the second sentence with 就 /jiù/ we say what action followed or will follow.


When you have a problem, you should tell me directly.
你 有 问题 就 要 直接 告诉 我。
Nǐ yǒu wèntí jiù yào zhíjiē gàosu wǒ.
If you like it then buy it.
你 喜欢 就 买 吧!
Nǐ xǐhuan jiù mǎi ba
After I finish drinking this tea, I’m going to have a class.
我 喝 了 这个 茶,就 要 去 上课。
<Wǒ hē le zhège chá, jiù yào qù shàngkè.>
After we finish the class we will go to work.
我们 下 了 课 就 要 去 上班。
Wǒmen xià le kè jiù yào qù shàngbān.
Good music often isn’t “love at the first hearing”.
好 的 音乐 常常 不 是 你 第一次 听 就 喜欢。
Hǎo de yīnyuè chángcháng bùshì nǐ dì yī cì tīng jiù xǐhuan.
When one lacks self-confidence, then he (she) can't solve complex problems.
缺乏 自信 就 无法 解决 复杂 的 问题。
Quēfá zìxìn jiù wúfǎ jiějué fùzá de wèntí.


Time passed, action follows

In the first part of the sentence we say how long time is needed for the action to take place.

Second part with 就 /jiù/ tells us what action will follow after the time is fulfilled.


It takes ten minutes to get there.
十 分钟 就 到 了。
Shí fēnzhōng jiù dào le.


Space passed, action follows

In the first part of the sentence we say how long space needs to be crossed.

Second part with 就 /jiù/ tells us what action will follow after the space is crossed.


100 metres and (you) are there.
一百 米 就 到 了。
Yībǎi mǐ jiù dào le.




I'm (just) loving it! - slogan of McDonald's
我 就 喜欢!
Wǒ jiù xǐhuan!
I’ve known this for a long time that this is an old traditional concept.
我 早 就 知道 这 是 旧的 传统 观念。
Wǒ zǎo jiù zhīdào zhè shì jiù de chuántǒng guānniàn.
We entered the information age long time ago.
我们 早就 进入 了 信息 时代。
Wǒmen zǎo jiù jìnrù le xìnxī shídài.

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