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Then I really don't want it.
那 我 真的 不 要 了。
Nà wǒ zhēnde bùyào le.
There are many things here, which one do you want?
这里 有 很多 东西,你 要 哪个?
Zhè li yǒu hěnduō dōngxi, nǐ yào nǎge?
How many bottles of beer do you want?
你们 要 几 瓶 啤酒?
Nǐmen yào jǐ píng píjiǔ?
I don't want this, I want that.
我 不 要 这个,我 要 那个。
<Wǒ bùyào zhège, wǒ yào nàge.>
Which one do you want?
你 要 哪个?
<Nǐ yào nǎge?>
Do you want (it) as well?
你 也 要 吗?
<Nǐ yě yào ma?>


What would you like to eat?
你们 想 吃 点 什么?
Nǐmen xiǎng chī diǎn shénme?
What meat will you eat? / What meat do you want to eat?
你 要 吃 什么 肉?
Nǐ yào chī shénme ròu?
I want to play one song for you.
我 想 给 你 听 一首 歌。
<Wǒ xiǎng gěi nǐ tīng yī shǒu gē.>
I won't drink water, I will drink beer.
我 不 要 喝 水,我 要 喝 啤酒。
<Wǒ bùyào hē shuǐ, wǒ yào hē píjiǔ.>
I want to go (there) again a lot.
我 很 想 再 去。
Wǒ hěn xiǎng zài qù.
I want to ask what his name is.
我 想 问 一下 他 叫 什么 名字。
Wǒ xiǎng wèn yīxià tā jiào shénme míngzì.

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