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Of course, the best place on the web to spend time learning Chinese is But it´s alright to have a brief look somewhere else from time to time, isn´t it… 🙂

Memrise – interesting online tool for memorizing Chinese characters. Animations, memory hooks, all of that in a form of a game

Pleco – for Android and iOS – cool free dictionary with useful example sentences, OCR recognition and flash-cards

Perapera – with this add-on for Firefox and Chrome you just roll over the character and the pronounciation with the meaning pops up…

Archchinese – English-Chinese dictionary with detailed description of the components of each character, including animations how to write them…

TV courses – with Chinese Characters and English translation, unfortunately without pinyin

NTD – for advanced students – TV station of Chinese living in America

How to study language – interview with Steve Kaufmann Short stories for all language levels