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Story – Chapter 5 – He can´t sleep

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<Wǎnshàng shuìbuzhao zhēn tǎoyàn. Kif zuìjìn měi tiān dōu shì zhèyang.>

[Evening_sleep_not fall asleep_really_(to be) annoying. Kif_recently_every_day_all_to be_this way.]

“Not to be able to fall asleep is really annoying. Recently Kif has been like this every day.”



<Tā wǎnshàng shí’èr diǎn qù shuìjiào, kěshì sì diǎn cái shuìzhao.>

[He_evening_12_o´clock_to go_sleep, but_4_o´clock_only then_fall asleep.]

“He goes to sleep at 12 in the evening, but doesn´t fall asleep till 4 o´clock.”



<Tā bìxū qǐchuáng, suǒyǐ tā shuìjiào de shíjiān hěn duǎn.>

[He_8_o´clock_must_get up, so_he_sleep_attribute de_time_(to be) short.]

“He needs to get up at 8, so he sleeps very shortly (the time that he sleeps is short).”



<Tā měi tiān zhǐ shuìjiào sìge xiǎoshí de jiào.>

[He_every_day_only_sleeps_four_hours_attribute de_sleep.]



<Zhège duì tā de shēntǐ yǒu hěn dà de yǐngxiǎng.>

[This_to (towards)_his_health_has_big_influence.]

gram: preposition duì – more in prepositions



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