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 Story – Chapter 6: Kif Gren, friends and money

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<Kif shì yīgè chángcháng diū dōngxi de rén. Yǒushí tā mǎi dōngxi, dì èr tiān jiù nòng diūle, bìxū zài mǎi. Jiéguǒ ne?>

[Kif_to be_often_to loose_things_attribute de_person. Sometimes_he_to buy_thing, second_day_already_to loose_finished action le, must_again_buy. Result_particle ne?] 

“Kif is a person who often looses stuff. Sometimes he buys something and he looses it on the very next day. He needs to buy it again. What does it lead to?”

Grammar: we often use  to express that we got something to a bad state or condition,such as 弄坏 <nòng huài> [to brake sth., to mess sth. up]



<Tā chángcháng děi jiè péngyǒu de qián, yīnwèi tā zìjǐ de qián zǒng shì bùgòu.>

[He_often_modal verb must_borrow_friend_de_money, because_his_own_money_not_enough.] 


问题是他的朋友现在不接他的电话, 好像怕他又要借他们的钱。

<Wèntí shì tā de péngyǒu xiànzài bù jiē tā de diànhuà, hǎoxiàng pà tā yòu yào jiè tāmen de qián.>

[Problem_to be_his_friends_now_not_answer_his_call, (it) seems_to be affraid_he_again_want to_borrow_their_money.] 

Compare  and  in the first sentence. 又 is [again] that has already happened,  is [again] that will happen in the future.



 <Tā bù zhīdào zěnme jiějué zhège wèntí.>

[He_not_know_how_solve_this_problem.]  (more on 怎么 in interrogative words)



<Nǐ juéde tā yīnggāi zěnme bàn?>

[You_think_he_should_how_deal (with it)?] 




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