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When we DO SOMETHING with somebody we use  /gēn/

We DON’T use  /gēn/ when we want – for instance – coffee with milk.

In that case we use the word /jiā/ TO ADD, and we say MILK COFFEE – ADD MILD de COFFEE = COFFEE (with) ADDED MILK




Yesterday I went to drink coffee with two friends.
昨天 我 跟 两个 朋友 去 了 喝 咖啡。
Zuótiān wǒ gēn liǎngge péngyǒu qùle hē kāfēi.
I often discuss economy with the director.
我 经常 跟 经理 谈 经济。
Wǒ jīngcháng gēn jīnglǐ tán jīngjì.
I can’t go (together) with you.
我 不 能 跟 你们 一起 去。
Wǒ bù néng gēn nǐmen yīqǐ qù.
Come with me. (follow me.)
跟 我 走。
<Gēn wǒ zǒu.>
I want to discuss one thing with you.
我 想 跟 你 谈 一件 事。
<Wǒ xiǎng gēn nǐ tán yī jiàn shì.>
I often drink very good coffee with the director.
我 经常 跟 经理 喝 非常 好 的 咖啡。
Wǒ jīngcháng gēn jīnglǐ hē fēicháng hǎo de kāfēi.
If you need something, get in touch with me!
有 事 跟 我 联系。
Yǒushì gēn wǒ liánxì.
I’m looking forward to seeing you.
我 盼望 跟 你 见面。
Wǒ pànwàng gēn nǐ jiànmiàn.





My oppinion on this problem is the same as yours.
我 的 对 这个 问题 的 看法 跟 你 一样。
Wǒ de duì zhège wèntí de kànfǎ gēn nǐ yīyàng.
She is the same as I am.
她 跟 我 一样。
<Tā gēn wǒ yīyàng.>
She is the same as I am.
她 跟 我 一样。
<Tā gēn wǒ yīyàng.>
His attitude to work is different than before.
他 对 工作 的 态度 跟 以前 不 一样。
Tā duì gōngzuò de tàidù gēn yǐqián bù yīyàng.
My oppinion is the same as yours.
我 的 看法 跟 你 一样。
Wǒ de kànfǎ gēn nǐ yīyàng.





His problem is money-related.
他 的 问题 跟 钱 有 关系。
Tā de wèntí gēn qián yǒu guānxì.
This has nothing to do with you.
这个 跟 你 没有 关系。
<Zhège gēn nǐ méiyǒu guānxì.>
The right to use cash has a direct relation to freedom.
可以 用 现金 的 权利 跟 自由 有 直接 关系。
Kěyǐ yòng xiànjīn de quánlì gēn zìyóu yǒu zhíjiē guānxì.
The book that I have bought is related to Chinese history.
我 买 的 书 跟 中国 历史 有 关系。
<Wǒ mǎi de shū gēn Zhōngguó lìshǐ yǒu guānxì.>


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