The goal of Chineseffect is to bring you the ultimate Chinese-learning experience.

There are three main principles how to achieve that….

1. Focusing on what is really important.

2. Smart organization of informations so that you know where to look for what you need.

3. Making informations beautiful. Chinese language is beautiful by default, but it can be much prettier and much more cool when the energy is poured in the right direction.




The main force that stands behind this project is FM_yunfei.

I learned Mandarin at Renmin Daxue in Beijing and I have been teaching Mandarin since 2006.

I have a very broad range of students from 5 years old kids to top-rank diplomats (currently I’m teaching the third generation of Czech army ambassadors).
I use the same principles that have been working so well on my real-life students to create the online experience.

Besides teaching I have a deep active interest in visual arts.
I used to paint and sell my paintings before, but then I decided to concentrate all of my activities around Mandarin because I realized that that is the only way how to create something trully outstanding with a potential to reach and touch many people.

At this moment I look much more normal than on this picture 🙂

PJ Fila

Chineseffect wouldn’t be possible without PJ Fila.
PJ has been contributing with his programming skills and it is him who made the interactive elements alive.

Alžběta Čechová

Chineseffect originally started as a story of Kif Gren.

Ilustrations for the story are by Alzbeta Cechova.