Be abundant

What is abundance?

Let’s explore the concept of abundance as a profound sense of being whole, having all that we need, and being able to share both material and spiritual blessings with others. We can extend invitations to our friends for dinner, take our loved ones to beautiful places, and offer our love to anyone who is open to receiving it. Simultaneously, we can also find contentment in solitude, finding happiness in quiet moments without succumbing to constant distractions.

The feeling of abundance is intricately tied to the feeling of freedom. While we are more than willing to support and be present for others (provided we feel they truly value our presence), we don’t rely on others to feel whole. As we cultivate a sense of wholeness and abundance within ourselves, relationships, particularly intimate ones, become joyful platforms for sharing our completeness. They cease to be a condition for our illusion of being complete.

Abundance and money

When it comes to abundance in a financial context, it is essential that we can cover our expenses, as well as the expenses of those who depend on us, while also generating extra resources for small daily pleasures, like inviting someone to dinner, and setting aside savings.

Financial stability used to be a crucial aspect of previous generations’ overall financial well-being. However, in today’s rapidly changing economy, it is beneficial to shift our focus from stability to flexibility. We must find joy in acquiring new skills and deepen our trust that things have a way of working themselves out, even in complex situations, as long as we remain proactive.

Regardless of how much money we earn, what truly matters is how we earn it and whether our work brings us happiness. Each of us possesses a unique gift, a special place, and a distinct purpose, which doesn’t have to be something extraordinary like saving the planet in James Bond fashion. It can be as simple as bringing joy to others by serving food with a smile. When our work aligns with our innate talents and strengths, we feel fulfilled and content.

Importantly, there is no automatic correlation between being rich and feeling abundant. One can possess considerable wealth in financial terms and still experience a profound sense of lack and incompleteness. If the motivation to accumulate wealth stems from a place of spiritual and emotional scarcity, becoming rich doesn’t solve anything. On the contrary, the pursuit of wealth often demands excessive focus on performance, leaving little time, space, and energy for self-exploration.

The more individuals become consumed by the pursuit of wealth, the more they become disconnected from their authentic selves. This disconnection perpetuates a cycle in which they believe they need even more wealth to fill the expanding void within their souls. Consequently, they become increasingly fearful of losing their money, thus perpetuating the vicious cycle.

While they may accumulate significant wealth, they do not feel abundant. In fact, they often exhibit a scarcity mentality, being frugal or stingy despite their financial affluence. They employ their wealth to showcase success with the latest iPhones and cars, yet their souls feel constricted, leaving little space for love to flow, let alone be shared with others.

The way to abundance

It is evident that abundance is a state of mind, a feeling that arises from a deliberate mindset. It encompasses being content with who we are, engaging in activities we love, having sufficient resources for a decent living, experiencing joy, and sharing love and happiness with others.

The pathway to an abundant life is simple: we must cultivate and nurture the feeling of abundance within ourselves. Once we deeply realize the incredible and magical nature of our very existence, we recognize that we are already whole and complete as beings. Consequently, the pursuit of external objects and fame loses its hold on us. We discover that we require much less than we previously believed, and everything else is merely surplus. It is at this point that abundance truly begins to flourish. When we reach this understanding, all our actions and their outcomes naturally carry the qualities of joy and lightness.

To reach this state, we need to create a calm space for ourselves.

This involves disconnecting from anything or anyone that distracts us from our authentic selves and passions.

It means avoiding toxic relationships where others hinder our growth and success. Instead, we should direct our energy toward people who genuinely want the best for us.

Additionally, it is crucial to limit our time on social media platforms where people showcase only the highlights of their lives, fueling envy and undermining our sense of abundance. Instead of fixating on what others possess, we should focus on appreciating what we already have and practice gratitude.

Recognize that you possess everything you need—a roof over your head, clean water, food to eat, supportive individuals around you, and hopefully, a fulfilling job that aligns with your personality.

Shift your attention from what others have to acknowledging and cherishing your own blessings. Each morning, remind yourself of the abundance that surrounds you. Before sleeping, express gratitude to life for all that it has bestowed upon you.

Boosting your energy is essential for aspiring to positive life changes. When your energy level is low, it becomes challenging and almost unrealistic to pursue such transformations. Consider incorporating practices like qigong, yoga, tai chi, or other exercises that enhance the flow of your inner energy. These activities can contribute to your overall well-being and help foster a positive mindset.


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