There Are Things

This dialogue teaches you simple conversational and grammatical basics. There is something, which one do you like the most, you can have just one… See characters, pinyin, English translation. Listen to the audio. And we promise, all the other dialogues will be more entertaining than this one… 🙂



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A1: Nàli yǒu hěn duō hǎokàn de dōngxi. Wǒmen qù kànkan ba!     [There_ is_a lot of_nice (good to look at)_things. Let´s_go_have a look (doubled verb – fast action)_incentive ba]

B1: Nǐ zuì xǐhuan nǎyīge?     [You_the most_like_which_one?]

A2: Zhèli de dōngxi wǒ dōu xǐhuan,dōu hěn hǎokàn.     [Here_attribute particle de_things_I_all_like_all_(to be) nice.]

B2: Kěshì nǐ zhǐ néng mǎi yīge.     [But_you_only_can_buy_one.]

A3: Nà wǒ jiù mǎi zhège.     [Well_I_then_buy_this (one).]


A1: 那里有很多好看的东西。我们去看看吧!

B1: 你最喜欢哪一个?

A2: 这里的东西我都喜欢,都很好看。

B2: 可是你只能买一个。

A3: 那我就买这个。